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Kitchen Sinks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of warranty to you offer:

For details on our product warranties please visit

Q: Can we order directly from Artisan Mfg. Corp.?

Artisan is a manufacturer and has authorized dealers and distributors throughout the country. For a list of Authorized Dealers please contact Info@artisansinks.com

Q: Are all stainless steel sinks the same?

All stainless steel sinks are not the same. Quality of the steel varies greatly. Only a true manufacturer such as Artisan Mfg. Corp. can control and ensure the highest quality of steel.

Q: Does the gauge in steel really matter in a sink?

Yes. Gauge is the thickness of the steel used to manufacture the sink. The lower the gauge number the thicker the steel used in manufacturing will be. Ex. 16 gauge is thicker than 18 gauge approximately 20%.

Q: How are your sinks made?

We use a state of the art manufacturing process. This enables us to keep the steel at it’s highest durability and strength after being stamped into the molding process. Giving you the highest quality sink in the industry.

Q: What type of steel does Artisan Mfg. Corp. use when manufacturing your sinks?

Artisan Mfg. Corp. uses 304 stainless steel. It has excellent corrosion resistance and is tough enough to retain its finish.

Q: What type of finish is your sinks?

Our sinks have a brushed finish. Brushing is done from front to back. This will accentuate the beauty and detail of the sink. Our finish is designed to match your everyday stainless steel appliances and aid in ease of cleaning.

Q: What type of sound deadening techniques does Artisan use on your sinks?

To reinforce sound deadening, there are pads located on various areas of our sinks as well as undercoating added to the finish of our sinks.

Q: How do I care for my Stainless steel sink?

For detailed care instructions please visit

Q: How do I care for my Copper Sink?

Our copper sinks have a lacquer “Living” finish. This means your sink will patina naturally over time and how the sink is designed. If you would like to slow down the patina process in your copper sink, we recommend using Renaissance Wax immediately after installation is complete of your copper sink and before you start using your sink.  For detailed care instructions for our copper sinks please visit:

Q: How much water flow do Artisan Faucets provide?

Our faucets are designed to produce water flow at 2 gallons per minute

Q: How many ounces does your soap dispensers hold?

Our dispensers are designed to hold 9 fluid ounces.

Q: Is the finish on your Chef Pro Zero the same as your 16 and 18 gauge line?

Chef Pro Zero has a finer brushed finish.

Q: Can the Artisan Strainer be used in all Artisan Sinks?

Yes. Our strainer is designed to fit in all of our sink models. This strainer will fit in drains measuring 3 ½ inches in diameter.

Q: If I have a garbage disposal installed do I use the Artisan strainer or the strainer that comes with my garbage disposal?

If you have a single bowl sink, we recommend using the strainer that came with your disposal. If you have a double bowl sink, we recommend using our Artisan strainer in your main bowl and the strainer from your garbage disposal in the bowl where your disposal is installed.

Q: What type of cartridge do your faucets have?

All faucets are manufactured with a ceramic disc cartridge.

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